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Ven vendersleighc at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 29 15:49:57 EDT 2004

Hi everyone,
            I was privileged to be one of last
night's testers for the quiz. The following
comments on my results are partly cut from emails
I sent to Minnow last night.

I decided to answer for myself first. In this
apparently low or null magical world I sort of
took magical qualities as a cross between the
metaphorical and those things emergent from the
system which cannot be explained using normal
reasoning and therefore granted myself a few
minor ones. 

I am Howl, in fact I am Howl twice over. The
first time I laughed so much I made the cat
stare. It's a terrific but quite unexpected
result, Howl! who'd 'a' thought it. 

The reason I was Howl twice over is that the
first time I did the quiz I hadn't scrolled down
far enough to see that there were instructions,
so I had only checked one box in each of the
questions, checking several however returns the
same result -- I'm just going back to uncheck 
"evade being powerful", the slitherer outer's
reply, still Howl.

Then I tried to answer as Tonino but came out as
Vernon Wilkins instead, interesting.

A few more results, I successfully channelled
Jamie Sirius and Querida. I presume now that I
was right about Querida'a refusal to answer the
brothers and sisters question. (Although she was
not the only one).

I also tried channelling Robin Hobb's Fitz, the
first time I got Roddy and after fine tuning
Calcifer, which seemed a better result.  Gandalf
turned out to be Dillian, well, well, may have
had something to do with ending up in a different
place to which he started. Frodo I made out to be
Calcifer again (he ate stew of course!). 

This is great fun, a most excellent quiz. Much
appreciation and thanks to Diana and Minnow.


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