Minor but mysterious DWJ publishing weirdness.

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at indigo.ie
Tue Jun 29 09:37:55 EDT 2004

I finally got the answer to something which had been puzzling me for 
a while when I saw a copy of  _Fantasy Stories_ in a bookshop 
yesterday.  This was a Kingfisher edition, and it appears to have 
been reprinted last year, from info on Amazon.co.uk.  Anyway, the 
mystery was that I'd read the excerpt from Langley's _The Land of 
Green Ginger_ in _Fantasy Stories_, but then gave away an extra copy 
(either to Dorian or Philip I think) and afterwards saw that the 
extract is not in the copy I still have (also Kingfisher, but 
earlier, different ISBN, and US).  Drove me mad for a long time, as I 
was so sure I'd seen it in the book!

I find it hard to imagine that Kingfisher decided not to publish the 
extract for reasons of non-PC-ness, but can't immediately come up 
with any alternative explanation.  And of course everyone may not be 
as interested in this as I am, but it was such fun picking up 
_Fantasy Stories_ and discovering that DWJ was also a fan - not to 
mention worrying to think I might have imagined the whole thing!

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