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At 09:44 PM 6/28/2004 +1000, Emma wrote:

Eeek!  Katt and Ika and Dorian have provided advice that sounds sensible, 
but it all sounds so good! Your emails have certainly made me want to go 
chase the series up now.
>What sort of reader am I? I do generally prefer longer stories, but all of 
>the above (and the other recs) sound interesting. So I think I'll try 
>chasing a few at a time from inter-library loan and report back :) I must 
>admit I am a bit of a chicken sometimes when it comes to dark literature, 
>but if I'm prepared (eg having a happy book available and someone in the 
>house at night) I'm usually OK.
>Thanks for the advice!

Borrowing them from the library is always great.  The libraries around here 
(Southern California,
USA) are pretty good about stocking all kinds of graphic novels, though 
they''re not often
represented in the catalog--just anonymous paperbacks in the teen section.

I prefer the short story collections myself, but then I've always preferred 
Gaiman's short stories to
his novels.  "Fables and Reflections" is my favorite, but I also liked 
"Worlds' End", which is set in
an otherworldly inn where the guests are each telling a story, and some of 
them are stories
within stories.  You can also try "The Dream Hunters," which is more an 
illustrated story than a
comic.  It has the feel of Japanese folklore.

And you can try Gaiman's non-Sandman comics: "Violent Cases" and "Mr. 
Punch" and "Black
Orchid"  And of course, there's the "Books of Magic" 4-issue mini-series 
that he did with John
Bolton, which provided the prologue or starting point for the comics series 
written by John Ney
Reiber and Peter Gross.

A few of his short stories (most of them collected in "Smoke and Mirrors") 
have been adapted
to other formats.  "Two Plays for Voices" is a 2-disc collection of 
dramatizations done by
Seeing Ear Theater for "Murder Mysteries" and "Snow, Glass, Apples."  You 
can still listen to
them over the Internet here:


"Murder Mysteries" has also been adapted as a comic by P. Craig 
Russell.  "Harlequin
Valentine" was adapted by John Bolton.


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