20 Questions: who do you think you are anyway? (Update)

minnow at belfry.org.uk minnow at belfry.org.uk
Mon Jun 28 15:42:38 EDT 2004

I wrote:
><........... options such as "mind your own
>business!" when asked how many siblings you have
>(anyone want to guess for which character DWJ
>felt that was the only possible answer to the

and Ven replied:

>I think I would have to go with Nick from DS,
>because it's a somewhat painful and dangerous
>question butb this would apply to Maree as well.
>On a quick scan of the book list the number of
>siblings of main characters seems to be a known
>quantity in general, so if it is not either of
>the aforementioned I would suppose it is someone
>like Querida or Flury. I would go with Querida
>because she is awkward.

I forgot an important point.  For characters
who appear in more than one book DWJ has stuck
to what they would answer in one or other, and
answered for Maree from *Deep Secret* where she
is a really major player, whereas Nick is from
*The Merlin Conspiracy*.  The exception is
Chrestomanci, who is actually called
"Christopher Chant" when she's answering for
him in *The Lives of Christopher Chant*, but
has "in any book except *The Lives of
Christopher Chant*" when he's being his grownup

Are you suggesting that Querida and Flury are
not main characters?  :-)

In fact once that option had been added, it
turned out to be the right answer for six
characters altogether.

Inevitably, there is one character for whom
the answer in the "how many siblings" question
is both "none" and "one".  :-)

However, you'll soon be able to see it all for
yourselves, because (*ta-RAH*!) DWJ has done
answers for all the 101 characters she had set
in her sights, and as soon as Roger Burton West
has done all the necessary computer-wrangling
or whatever it is he does, and I have written
out a reasonably sensible set of "how this is
meant to work" instructions, we will have a

Real Soon Now; it's being given a beta-test or
something at the moment.

But I'm sorry, Ven, however much you (like me)
may feel that way you won't turn out to be a
Quack in this quiz.  They haven't been included,
on the grounds that it was impossible to find
out their answers: they refused to reveal them.
Throgmorten on the other hand was not reticent.



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