"Imagine -- Unsuitable for Children"

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Mon Jun 28 09:14:38 EDT 2004

Charlie wrote in reply to Ven pointing this out

>Looking at the longer write-up in the Observer TV guide (which also sound
>less sensationalist)  I'd guess this is indeed it, though no contributors
>are named. I'm setting my VCR, anyway!

It is the programme for which she was interviewed, and she is of the
opinion that the film they made using her is unlikely to be included; the
Radio Times she says is going on about Salman Rushdie at some length in
connection with it, and she's also seen mention of Philip Pullman as being
involved, but is more and more convinced that they have cut her out
entirely (and cut about four days out of her life in the process and bad
cess to them, as I think I said at the time).

If it's really about "Sex, drug-taking, racial murder, the death of God",
then it's quite hard to see what exactly of DWJ's they might have talked
about with her anyway.  Off-hand, I don't think she deals in any of these
themes particularly, does she?

She's not going to watch it herself, but her husband is, and I think he
plans to tape it so that if it's worth a light he can show her.  Knowing
his expertise with the video machine I'd say she is fairly safe from ever
seeing it, on that basis, unless it is rattling good and Charlie's tape
gets called for at some later date.  :-)


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