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Mon Jun 28 07:44:36 EDT 2004

At 01:58 PM 27/06/2004 +0100, you wrote:
>Katta wrote (responding to Emma):
> > But if I'm to give an advice, I say starting with an anthology of shorts
> > might be a good idea, to give you many different angles quickly.
>Reading the shorts will definitely give you a useful overview of the sorts
>of things - genres, tones, characters - you can expect to find, but my own
>preference is for the longer stories, which I thought were more successful
>than the one-offs. I also think the middle books/storylines are by far the
>best, once NG has gained some confidence and got into his stride and
>worked out what he's doing, and before he starts (IM)) getting a tad bit
>sentimental about the characters in the last couple of arcs. My
>recommendations would be for A Game of You (probably my favourite), A
>Doll's House, and... damn, I've forgotten the title. Dream and Delirium*
>go off looking for the missing sibling. (Just looked on Amazon - it's
>Brief Lives.)
>  <snip>
>On the other hand, though, it does also work very well if you read it
>scrupulously in order - lots of little clues are planted early on that are
>followed up throughout the 80 or so issues of the comics' run, which is
>really enjoyable. I guess it depends what sort of reader you are. What
>sort of reader are you? <g>

Eeek!  Katt and Ika and Dorian have provided advice that sounds sensible, 
but it all sounds so good! Your emails have certainly made me want to go 
chase the series up now.
What sort of reader am I? I do generally prefer longer stories, but all of 
the above (and the other recs) sound interesting. So I think I'll try 
chasing a few at a time from inter-library loan and report back :) I must 
admit I am a bit of a chicken sometimes when it comes to dark literature, 
but if I'm prepared (eg having a happy book available and someone in the 
house at night) I'm usually OK.
Thanks for the advice!

Emma :)

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