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Emma said...
> I've finally become determined to seek out or buy some Gaiman Sandman
> comics but vaguely think I remember a discussion on the list on the best
> place to start reading. Can anyone either give me an opinion or point me
> towards the relevant archive threads?

Well, I glanced at one of the short story collections and thought "no, I
don't like this" (the artwork was very offputting to me in that particular
collection).  A few years later I got bullied; a friend gave me the first
volume of "The Books of Magic" (which is linked to the Sandman collection,
but not part of it) and the first Sandman novel, and told me firmly to read.
I did, and got hooked (not least by the incredibly sexy picture of Dream
halfway through "The Books of Magic"!).

I'm really not sure what to recommend.  Reading from the beginning, in
order, is good.  But you can actually dip in along the way and not be lost.
My personal favourites are "Season of Mists" (in which Dream (the eponymous
Sandman) goes looking for a lover he condemnded to Hell, and finds rather
more than he bargained for) and "Brief Lives" (in which Dream unwillingly
accompanies his sister Delirium to look for their brother Destruction.
Among other things, they eventually find Dream's son Orpheus (yes, *that*

The entire saga (and I use the word advisedly) is absolutely wonderful;
Gaiman is an absolute master of slipping references to anything you can
think of into his work

> I want to have read some of his
> non-novel work before I meet him!

I met him briefly at a signing some years back.  He is a very very nice man.

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