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Sun Jun 27 08:58:12 EDT 2004

Katta wrote (responding to Emma):

> But if I'm to give an advice, I say starting with an anthology of shorts
> might be a good idea, to give you many different angles quickly.

Reading the shorts will definitely give you a useful overview of the sorts
of things - genres, tones, characters - you can expect to find, but my own
preference is for the longer stories, which I thought were more successful
than the one-offs. I also think the middle books/storylines are by far the
best, once NG has gained some confidence and got into his stride and
worked out what he's doing, and before he starts (IM)) getting a tad bit
sentimental about the characters in the last couple of arcs. My
recommendations would be for A Game of You (probably my favourite), A
Doll's House, and... damn, I've forgotten the title. Dream and Delirium*
go off looking for the missing sibling. (Just looked on Amazon - it's
Brief Lives.)

They're all kind of different genres, so you might want to pick the one
from your favourite genre. A Game of You is sort of psychological,
Young-Adult-like fantasy (but dark). A Doll's House is more noir-ish
thriller-y, with what I suspect are a lot of superhero/horror comics
references which I didn't get (not that I minded). Brief Lives is a road
movie/odd-couple comedy (but dark).

On the other hand, though, it does also work very well if you read it
scrupulously in order - lots of little clues are planted early on that are
followed up throughout the 80 or so issues of the comics' run, which is
really enjoyable. I guess it depends what sort of reader you are. What
sort of reader are you? <g>

Love, Ika

*ObDWJ: I met someone once who told me that Delirium was based partly on
DWJ, but I don't know if that's true.

"Isto was not legal. This is confused. I could make melhor" - Diana Wynne
Jones on TV, as translated from the Portugese by babelfish
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