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I'm a Gaiman beginner too (have read four so far), and I don't think you 
have to read them in order - Lord konws I don't. And they're all pretty good 
(though A Game of You is "keep the light on" icky at times), so that would 
probably be a matter of individual taste.

But if I'm to give an advice, I say starting with an anthology of shorts 
might be a good idea, to give you many different angles quickly. Myself, I 
started with "Endless Nights", which is actually the last one, and it gave 
me an introduction to the main characters that was pretty useful. Another 
anthology that would work much in the same way is "Fables & Reflections" - 
all the stories are self-contained, and the Sandman and his siblings don't 
necessarily play big parts in all of them, but you get very good 
introductions there as well.

As for the earliest stories, I still haven't read them, so I can't tell you 
anything about them...



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>Subject: OT: sandman query
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>Hi everyone,
>I've finally become determined to seek out or buy some Gaiman
>Sandman comics but vaguely think I remember a discussion on the list
>on the best place to start reading. Can anyone either give me an
>opinion or point me towards the relevant archive threads? One of the
>reasons I've decided I must find some Sandman is that Neil is coming
>out to Australia next year (for the Continuum con in Melbourne) and
>I want to have read some of his non-novel work before I meet him!
>Cheers! Emma
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