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deborah deborah at
Thu Jun 24 00:09:38 EDT 2004

Bah humbug.  I came back from a trip to see this has been happening
(nobody offended me, I just was email free, promise!).  My spam filter
catches these so I didn't see it; could someone who gets one and knows
how send me one with full headers attached?  I suspect it's as Paul says
-- a faked return address and nothing I can do (the list has *always*
been blocked to spammers; some of you with two addresses might have
noticed you can only send from your subscribed address).  But I can try.

Rassenfrassen spammers.  Grumble.  I put a hex on them with my chemistry

No, wait, that's not me.

What is an 'evil shape', I wonder?  Could a triangle be evil, for
example?  Are some kind of triangles decent and God-fearing,
whereas others are treacherous and inclined to furtive sodomy?
And could you tell that from the 'shape'?
		-- Philip Pullman, "The Republic of Heaven"

On Tue, 22 Jun 2004, Paul Andinach wrote:

|On Mon, 21 Jun 2004 Voicebearer at wrote:
|> I don't get the techie stuff, alas, Roger, being a complete numpty
|> in that area. I just thought Deborah should know that it looked as
|> though her e-address was being used by someone else.
|The thing is (trying to be less techie about it) that the From header
|of an email is like the return address on the back of an envelope:
|it's just whatever the user chose to write there, and doesn't actually
|prove anything about where the message really came from. A faked
|message claiming to be from deborah at doesn't necessarily
|mean that it was sent from Deborah's actual account, any more than a
|faked letter claiming to be from Deborah's address would necessarily
|mean that someone broke into Deborah's house and wrote it at her desk.
|There are other parts of the email message that show where it really
|came from (equivalent to postmarks or something, I suppose), but most
|people aren't interested, so email programs usually don't show them to
|you unless you ask. As Roger says, the postmarks on this one suggest
|that it was actually mailed in Hong Kong.

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