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Mon Jun 21 21:22:37 EDT 2004

On Mon, 21 Jun 2004 Voicebearer at wrote:

> I don't get the techie stuff, alas, Roger, being a complete numpty
> in that area. I just thought Deborah should know that it looked as
> though her e-address was being used by someone else.

The thing is (trying to be less techie about it) that the From header
of an email is like the return address on the back of an envelope:
it's just whatever the user chose to write there, and doesn't actually
prove anything about where the message really came from. A faked
message claiming to be from deborah at doesn't necessarily
mean that it was sent from Deborah's actual account, any more than a
faked letter claiming to be from Deborah's address would necessarily
mean that someone broke into Deborah's house and wrote it at her desk.

There are other parts of the email message that show where it really
came from (equivalent to postmarks or something, I suppose), but most
people aren't interested, so email programs usually don't show them to
you unless you ask. As Roger says, the postmarks on this one suggest
that it was actually mailed in Hong Kong.

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