20 Questions: who do you think you are anyway? (Update)

minnow at belfry.org.uk minnow at belfry.org.uk
Fri Jun 18 17:24:47 EDT 2004

In early May I wrote:

>We now have a twenty-
>question multiple-choice quiz being thought out,
>and she has done the answers for fourteen of the
>characters whom we felt ought to be included.

and then, slightly later

>25 down, 62 to go

This has now become "93 down, 8 to go".

It seemed a good idea to give y'all an update, because otherwise you might
have started to think that we'd forgotten or lost interest or run out of
puff, and it isn't like that at all, it's just taking more time than we'd

It's taking a long time because quite apart from more and more characters
wanting to be included, the questions got more and more complicated and
kept having to be added to, to give options such as "mind your own
business!" when asked how many siblings you have (anyone want to guess for
which character DWJ felt that was the only possible answer to the
question?) or "none of the above" when the number of options for how you
feel on the subject of being powerful rose to 10 and *still* didn't have
anything to express how one particular character felt even when you're
allowed to tick as many of the ones available as you feel are needed.

Once DWJ has done answers for the last eight characters (from *Wild
Robert*, *Wilkins' Tooth* and *Witch Week* -- we cheated and did *Year of
the Griffin* before them because of Flury) Roger Burton West has promised
to wrestle the answers in some cunning computerish way that I don't
understand even when it is explained to me   s--l--o--w--l--y  and
carefully, and with luck the result will be a website to which you can go
and answer the questions either on your own account (which is likely to be
difficult, because some of them, about the use of magic and travel from
world to world, seem unlikely to apply to anyone living in Real Life TM) or
at anyrate for what you would *like* to be yourself, or else as if you were
one of the characters from one of the books.  If the answers you give end
up making it possible that they could lead to more than one character,
rather than giving you one of the two or three possible ones at random
Roger plans (as I understand it, which isn't much) to cause the tame
electrons to tell you both or all three, so you can choose which of them
you are -- or wonder what on earth led to *those* three when you were
"being" Nan Pilgrim.  :-)

If anyone is interested, I think the questions are now pretty-much fixed,
and I could mail them for people to look at and go "good grief" about.  Or
I could post them here if enough people think that would be a good idea and
wouldn't spoil things for later.  I could warn people to avoid looking, I
suppose. ("Quiz questions -- spoiler" for the subject-line, perhaps?)

In case anyone has doubts about whether DWJ is enjoying herself doing it,
all the extra people have been added at her suggestion.  She said 87 was a
mingy number and it isn't even a prime and 101 is much better -- and not
one of them a dalmatian, she added thoughtfully.  That was after we had got
it up to a nice round 100 and there was still one character (Flury) whom
she insisted just had to go in, and nobody she wanted to take out again.
*I* think she's having fun.


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