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Tue Jun 15 09:02:48 EDT 2004

> Sorry to be off topic here, but I thought this list would be likely to
> some ideas. I am writing up my interview with Margaret Mahy and she
> me as "an author's author", if you know what I mean. Does anyone know of
> quotes from other children's authors about what they admire about her
> This one is really hard to google!


When I was visiting a friend in Aberdeen about 15 years ago I picked up a
copy of *The Changeover* at a bookshop, not knowing anything about the
author. I read it on the train back to Bristol and was blown away! I
remember getting to Carlisle (Laura had just reached the Carlisle house in
the book) and looking up and seeing that word on the station sign, and the
hairs rose on the back of my neck... I think the single thing that impressed
me most at the time was the way she let Laura Chant say, so near the
beginning, 'Sorry Carlisle is a witch!' I remember thinking that most
authors (me included) would have saved that revelation up and used it more
sparingly. Mahy had so many ideas she didn't need to save it up. I think
that's what I value her for almost more than anything: the abundance of her
imagination. Except that, when you've got your breath back from admiring
that, you have to admire the profundity too. She'd definitely be one of my
desert-island authors (especially as she sounds like she'd be quite handy
building us a shelter!).


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