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Ika blake at
Tue Jun 15 07:26:15 EDT 2004

Robyn wrote:

> I am looking for a
> story about Lotta, the girl with the stuffed pig she insists is a
> teddybear. Does anyone know the title of the book? I thought it was
> "Lotta", but I can't find anything with that title. The bit from the book
> I
> remember is that she cuts up her sweater and then runs away to live in a
> tree. Her family is quite tolerant of all this.
> Any help would be much appreciated.

Oh, I know this book very well - Lotta's a bit of a culture heroine in my
family (my sister has just had a baby which she was going to name Lotta,
except it disobligingly turned out to be a boy). It *was* published in
English as "Lotta" in the seventies - I eventually found my childhood copy
of it, which confirms this - but before I found it, I was trying to track
down a copy for my sister. "Lotta" turned out to have been a double
edition of what was, I think, originally two books in the Swedish.
It's/they're by Astrid Lindgren, and a quick search on Amazon turns up two
books which, from the synopses, seem to correspond to the whole of what
was published as "Lotta": "The Children on Troublemaker Street" (this is
where we first meet the piggly bear)

and "Lotta on Troublemaker Street" (where she runs away from home to live
in a treehouse):

She also wrote the fantastic "All About the Bullerby Children" and an
Amazon search on "Bullerby" turns up three or four different titles, so I
suspect there's a similar publication history there.

Love, Ika

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