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Wed Jun 9 12:54:47 EDT 2004

Philip responded:

>> *The Dragon Hoard* was published in 1968.
>> *Eva Fairdeath* was published in 1994.
>> I find it hard to credit that she didn't do any re-writing of the
>> book before she let the publishers have it, if she had it sitting in
>> bottom drawer of her desk all that time.

>Er, no-one is asking you to believe that.  In fact your point makes it
>more of an achievement to have developed as far as Dragon Hoard, doesn't
>it?  OK, so Eva was a teenage effort, and people do develop rapidly at
>that age...

Would you believe that there is a typo in my sentence?  "I find it" ought
to be "I'd find it", and yes, I was sort-of saying what you just said.  Eva
must have been a teenage effort if she wrote it before something that was
published when she was 19.

>>> Drinking Sapphire Wine [*]
>> The first volume was published in 1976 in the US as *Don't Bite the
>> the second in 1977 in the US as *Drinking Sapphire Wine*.  They were
>> together as *Drinking Sapphire Wine* in 1979 and published together
>> that title in the UK; what the two-book volume is called in the US I
>> wouldn't know but I expect someone there could tell us.
>I just checked.  It is indeed "Biting the Sun".  So I'm not sure what
>all your fuss is about, Minnow.  (You didn't think I was confusing it
>with "Don't Bite the Sun", did you?  Shame!)

Having had its publishing history explained to me about half-a-dozen times
by the man who got it into print again over here, I'll come clean: you may
not have been but I almost certainly am, at any given moment, deeply
confused about what its title is from one printing to the next.  That's why
he keeps on explaining it to me, and every time he does I get muddleder.
It's like when you get someone's name wrong, once; thereafter, you know you
get it wrong, but you can't remember in which direction.  I was really
trying to say what the first volume was called first time round, rather
than anything else.

>> ob DWJ, regarding TL....
>> Stoat!

This was explained in a post back last July under the subject "Stoat!"  The
stoat in question is said to have been in a TL book, in somewhat .. erm....
unusual circumstances.  Unusual for a long-dead stoat, at anyrate.
Possibly not all that unusual for TL, I wouldn't know.  (I think on the
whole I wouldn't want to.)


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