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Wed Jun 9 11:00:34 EDT 2004

Philip wrote:

>AFAIK the first novel she wrote, though she didn't
>publish it until relatively recently, was "Eva Fairdeath".  I find it
>hard to believe that even TL could write Eva, and then produce Dragon
>Hoard as her next book, but I suppose it's possible.

*The Dragon Hoard* was published in 1968.
*Eva Fairdeath* was published in 1994.

I find it hard to credit that she didn't do any re-writing of the latter
book before she let the publishers have it, if she had it sitting in the
bottom drawer of her desk all that time.

> Drinking Sapphire Wine [*]

>[*] ISTR this was published in two volumes in the US, but a single
>volume over here.  In the US Drinking Sapphire Wine was the title of the
>second volume, and the whole novel is now called something like "Biting
>the Sun"

The first volume was published in 1976 in the US as *Don't Bite the Sun*,
the second in 1977 in the US as *Drinking Sapphire Wine*.  They were put
together as *Drinking Sapphire Wine* in 1979 and published together under
that title in the UK; what the two-book volume is called in the US I
wouldn't know but I expect someone there could tell us.

ob DWJ, regarding TL....



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