Tanith Lee (was:desert island question)

Belben, Philip ( Generation ) Philip.Belben at eme.co.uk
Wed Jun 9 09:32:40 EDT 2004

>>> More in the sense of knowing subversions of classic fairy tales
>> Well, hey, if we're going to play *that* game, fire up the wayback
>> machine and go hunting Tanith Lee's The Dragon Horde.
>> I think it was her first, and it is deffinitely a *childrens'* book!
> And it's better than most everything she's written since...

I'll agree with that, though I fancy you mean "Hoard" not "Horde"  (I
was thinking just the other day that "The Dragon Horde" would be a good
title for a book!)

But her first?  AFAIK the first novel she wrote, though she didn't
publish it until relatively recently, was "Eva Fairdeath".  I find it
hard to believe that even TL could write Eva, and then produce Dragon
Hoard as her next book, but I suppose it's possible.

My relationship with TL's books is a strange one.  I don't much like
most of what I've read, but she has more books in my all-time favourites
shortlist than DWJ!  (DWJ wins the all-time favourites long list by a
long way, of course)  I'd recommend:  The Silver Metal Lover; Drinking
Sapphire Wine [*]; When the Lights Go Out.

[*] ISTR this was published in two volumes in the US, but a single
volume over here.  In the US Drinking Sapphire Wine was the title of the
second volume, and the whole novel is now called something like "Biting
the Sun"


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