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Tue Jun 8 06:02:49 EDT 2004

    ... damn. I was going to read some books for work on the train today,
    it looks like I'll be back on F&H now, trying to read the version of it
    you have (I think I might have the version from the other reality, with
    the not-as-good stories :)).
  >> That's happened to me with several books.

  Me too!  In fact, this actually really did literally happen to me. I once
purchased a book of short stories collected by Alfred Hitchcock, called
"Witch's Brew". At home I noticed there was already a copy of a book of
short stories collected by Alfred Hitchcock called "Witch's Brew" up on my
shelf. But the two books contained entirely different stories, there was not
one story in common. One book was a British edition and the other American,
they weren't of a series, they were vastly different books. It was quite

  I've also *twice* read the wrong play by Pirandello in preparation for a
class, because he gives his plays such similar-sounding names, and in
different translations it can get quite confusing. I think the two I
confused are called "Right You Are (If You Think You Are)" and "To Each His
Own" in one English translation, in Hebrew one of them is called "Each Man
and His Own Truth" and I don't remember which it is but it wasn't the one I
thought it was. I've read them both by now, but I read each one of them for
the wrong class. Each time it took me quite a while to figure out what had
happened, because many of the general introductory things that can be said
about each of the plays are applicable to both of them. The second time I
was very upset, because I was sure I had doublechecked that I was reading
the right one. Most discombobulating.

  The Ob-DWJ for this is still the opening chapter of F&H, is it not? And
wasn't there someone here who mentioned seeing a book with the same title as
what Polly is reading there?

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