the version from the other reality

Chris R sfa_ok2001 at
Mon Jun 7 19:49:25 EDT 2004

 --- minnow at wrote: > Chris R explained:
> >It was the Hamlet moment and the little chats with
> the
> >mask I missed. I must have stumbled on an abridged
> >copy, if Nicola's version exists in this universe.
> I honestly can't think of any reason to cut those
> bits, they aren't
> salacious or anything and they tend to be at
> crucial-decision moments in
> Niko's life.  Damn.  Now I shall have to go and look
> and check that they
> really are there.

<snip Minnow's kind catalogue of mask chats and

> That's all it is: three sentences.  If you didn't
> happen to be looking for
> it, you might easily miss the significance of them.
> Minnow

I was looking; that's what baffles me. I'll have to
chase up a copy and read with your post handy.
(Dissertation: 'Nooooooo! Don't leave me!') Thanks,


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