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Mon Jun 7 17:32:16 EDT 2004

>On Mon, 7 Jun 2004, [iso-8859-1] Chris R wrote:
>> I read _The Mask of Apollo_ on the recommendation of
>> Nicola Marlow in _The Cricket Term_, and I think the
>> Marlowverse must have a different version. Either that
>> or I somehow skimmed over all the bits AF/Nicola
>> noticed.

and KarenLurker responded:

>Is it about the main character 'prefering boys to girls'?  If so, that's
>definitely in the book.  At one point (on a boat) he tries to chat up a
>beautiful young man, only to find a woman in disguise.

(with whom he subsequently has a very embarrassing Dionysian moment in a
deserted theatre, when they have only just escaped being murdered by the
brutal soldiery during the sacking of the town.  yes.)

I'm fairly sure that the version I've read was the one Nick had.  The copy
in this house has in it the things she mentioned when she was being hauled
over the coals for having taken it back to school with her, anyhow.  The
generally accepted homosexuality, the gory battles, the way he has little
chats with the mask and the Hamlet moment are all there.


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