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Margaret Ball margaret at
Fri Jun 4 14:25:33 EDT 2004

>> ... damn. I was going to read some books for work on the train today, but
>> it looks like I'll be back on F&H now, trying to read the version of it
>> you have (I think I might have the version from the other reality, with
>> the not-as-good stories :)).
> That's happened to me with several books. I am still quite convinced 
> that there is another version of Margot Benary-Isbert's _Blue Mystery_ 
> out there that has a fantastic (in both senses) subplot, and is a much 
> better book (not that I dislike the current incarnation, it's still 
> pretty good).

Ahh. This explains much. The Other Reality contains, among other things, 
the books authors envisioned writing instead of the versions that 
actually made it onto paper, and (judging from the gap between my 
visions and achievements) they are mostly much better books.

Margaret Ball

One of the great advantages of not knowing exactly where you're going is 
that nobody can accuse you of takng a wrong turn.

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