Robyn Starkey rohina at shaw.ca
Sat Jul 31 15:12:18 EDT 2004

>The odd thing about all this discussion of what the cwidder did or
>didn't force Lenina to do is, I think, that we're letting Lenina off the
>hook for some atrocious behaviour to her living children.  One thing
>about DWJ -- she never lets anybody plead special circumstances as an
>excuse for being rotten.  I think of Blade, of Gair, of Charles.  Of
>Moril!  Even if the cwidder compelled her to act out of character while
>she was under its spell, that doesn't excuse her behaviour when Clennen
>is dead.  It explains it, I think, and makes it forgiveable; her sons
>do, in fact, forgive her.  But casting her too much in the victim mode
>isn't fair, either.

Part of my original point was about Lenina's behaviour. I think she 
willfully ignores the children's concerns and reactions; on the other hand, 
they don't go to her or confront her with their fears. Because she is doing 
what she wants to, she justifies it to herself by saying it will be better 
for them. She doesn't want to hear any counter arguments.


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