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On Thu, 29 Jul 2004 minnow at belfry.org.uk wrote:
|The "using truth wrong" business seems to me to be at least part of what
|the book is about.  DWJ doesn't spoonfeed "author's message" to the reader,
|but isn't Moril's realisation (that he has moved mountains for what is
|really the Wrong Reason even though the result is Right) what we're left
|with in our minds after we close the book?

It doesn't have to be the "author's message" to be in the book.  :)

And that's definitely in the book.  Heck, those themes of power used
well and misused are essential to DWJ novels all over the place.  Witch
Week, Howl's, Archer's, Time of the Ghost, Power of Three, to name just
a few.   If you focus on power as defined by the power of language,
that's what I wrote my master's thesis about, too.  *grin*

"Tai Chi works wonders when I feel like killing things.
Of course, so does actually killing things."
					-- Kita's Angel

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