Dalemark Quartet

Robyn Starkey rohina at shaw.ca
Fri Jul 30 14:32:45 EDT 2004

>I find it difficult to see how laying such a geas on somebody has a lighter
>interpretation than thoroughly murky and despicable, to be honest: in what
>way is forced marriage to a stranger not dark?  Even if you *don't* already
>have someone else you're planning to marry, for whom you care?

I think the problem lies in your steadfast refusal to see the possibility 
that the cwidder was true to its nature, and that the spell wasn't entirely 
coercive. I thought of it like the cwidder couldn't make someone do 
something that was totally against his or her nature. So if Lenina had 
thoughts about the romance of running away with the raggle-taggle 
gypsies-o, then the cwidder could be used to make her act on the impulse. 
If she didn't, then it couldn't.


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