Dalemark Quartet

Robyn Starkey rohina at shaw.ca
Thu Jul 29 13:38:45 EDT 2004

>Clennen has been gloating over her about it for years, too, telling and
>re-telling the story of how he took her from her home and kin and
>pretending her real love is so unimportant that he can't even remember his
>name, and every time he does she must resent it, I would suppose.  "She
>always looked very non-committal whenever Clennen told this story".  I'll
>just bet she did!

I think Minnow's is perhaps the darkest shade of interpretation; maybe 
there's a more middle ground? What if the cwidder encouraged Lenina to act 
on an impulse she had that she might otherwise have resisted? I was 
thinking maybe heart over head kind of decision. She could regret it, but 
she's the kind of person that would stick with it even when she realised it 
was an impulsive mistake.


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