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I find your thoughts on her situation interesting, and certainly you are
right with what you say about Clennen's gloating. I'd also think that the
cwidder only "forced" her for a short time, and then it was her sense of
duty that made her stay.

But, and that is a real question, how do you think the cwidder worked in
Lenina's case? If it and the one who plays it can only speak the truth or
make truth happen, some of the emotions Clennen conveyed must have been
true. (Remember how it reacts when Moril's dreams of the North are "wrong"
because he imagines no rain.) Of course, Moril also "lies" in the end, but
his emotions are true. 

Do you think all that Clennen said was "I want to possess you, you will have
no choice"? I do not think he is that bad a person. Probably he didn't say
"I love you and you love me, come with me and be free of this life you don't
like anyway". But maybe he said "You want adventure, you want to be free, my
life is much better, free and exciting" and it appealed to a "romantic" side
in sober Lenina. And maybe a small part of her wanted to do something crazy
(she was young, after all), but not for live, and not living on the road.

Just my two cents,


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