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Hello everybody!     (echo??)

Awfully quiet round here. Anybody here? Anyhow, there goes:

Motivated by my results in the wonderful character quiz I finally read the
Dalemark Books. Here are some random comments - they contain spoilers, so be



I read Spellcoats, Drowned Ammet and Crown for the first time, but I also
reread Cart and Cwidder, which is one of my "early" DWJ books I read as a
kid. I remember that I thought it was very sad, and that the "feel" reminded
my of Power of Three. Upon rereading I think I liked it best, and certainly
better than I had remebered it. It is sad, I think, and also in parts
disturbing: The way Lenina reacts to the death of her husband, and also that
her children are quite ready to leave her in turn is something I may have
"overlooked" as a child, but I do think it made me uneasy. What I loved were
the descriptions of the cwidder's magic, and how Moril discovered it and the
insights in his father's and brother's character that came with it or rather
channeled it.

Spellcoats: The interactions of the siblings were very interesting. And I
loved the ending - at first it seemed an abrupt way to stop, but the way it
remains with you, engages your thoughts, asks for your opinion about what
happend: a brilliant move, I think.

Crown: Another remarkable ending, but here I think I'll have to reread to
appreciate it fully. A bid like Return of the King: Many endings... When
Maewen returned to her time, I felt yanked out of the story, just like she
must have. And then Kankredin "appears" but Maewen takes a bath and asks her
father questions that serve to tie up lose threads. I found that a bit
disorienting, but probably it parallels Maewens feelings as well.

My quiz result, answering for me, was Maewen. Strangly it enough, after
reading the book, I still don't have an opinion whether it's fitting. But I
noticed two things: I can't quite make out Maewen, I don't get a clear
picture of her - but I also think I am difficult to make out, too. Of more
interest were the different pictures she and others had of herself, e.g.
when she was proposing the "strike", or when she was talking to Mitt and
later to Moril. Her self-image was doubting, she was wondering if she
finding the right words and tone, while Mitt was impressed with her solution
or thought she was cleverely finding out more things about him and Moril.
Maybe that is something that relates to me, as I have learned I "project" a
calm and composed personality that seens on top every situation, while on
the inside I might go: "oh no, oh no, oh no, heeelp" 

So. Hope that sparks some life - I'd also be grateful if someone could show
me the way in the archives to our old Dalemark discussion - I skipped it at
the time as I hadn't read the books - but didn't someone talk about Mitt and
Eminem somtime ago?


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