DWJ's birthday & Howl

Ika blake at gaudaprime.co.uk
Wed Jul 21 04:16:00 EDT 2004

Charles, then Kathleen:

>> Thanks, Emma - the idea doesn't exactly seem to have caught the
>> imaginationof the list (so far?) but anything I get I shall trick
> I think it sounds like a great idea! Just haven't been very talkative of
> late.

Me too - I'll definitely have something in the post. Just trying to think
of *what*...

> P.S. That Howl trailer doesn't seem to be online anymore. I watched it and
> loved it, but didn't download. I was wondering if anyone has, so that I
> can get a copy? Please?

And again, ditto - I meant to download it later so I haven't seen it at
all, and I'd love to!

Love, Ika

"You walk into the room like a camel"
- Truly, Bob Dylan is a great poet.
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