DWJ's birthday

Charles Butler hannibal at thegates.fsbusiness.co.uk
Mon Jul 19 02:15:01 EDT 2004

> --Amy

> I think this is lovely. What's the approximate timeline? Could you
> hazard a guess as to when I'd need to ship a card off from the US in
> order to arrive in time for you to send to DWJ?

Well, it's got to be here by the Friday 13th August (or 12b if you prefer),
as the birthday is the following Monday but I'll be going away that day and
won't have a chance to go in to work to pick up anything that might be
waiting. In my experience things arrive from the US within two weeks of
posting, so that gives you, say, till the end of this month.

As for Ven's website suggestion, I'll see what I can do, though I have only
a very rudimentary scanner, so I guarantee nothing! (If anyone specifically
*doesn't* want their cards put on public display, just let me know and I
shall of course refrain.)


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