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Sun Jul 18 20:36:54 EDT 2004

Minnow reported

> DWJ says that just proves it then, because she 
wouldn't be even slightly
> grateful if someone made *her* give up smoking,

she would hit them with her
> spiked handbag, so there, and people who come 
out of a glamour or a magical
> compulsion don't feel like that.  Nyah, she 
adds thoughtfully.
> Don't blame me, I'm just the typist.

Helen replied
<I won't. But having lost my mom to lung cancer,
have to say I don't find her attitude at all

Helen, your reply got me rather worked up, you
see my Mum dropped dead out of the blue although
she didn't drink or smoke, watched her weight and
followed all the latest medical fads for
longevity as reported in her magazines and
newspapers. But I'm not really annoyed with you
but with  Death because he won't leave anyone
alone in the end. 

Those who met me in Bristol will know I smoked
rather a lot, I gave up at the beginning of
January. The way I see it is you pays your money
and you takes your choice and nobody but you can
decide. Fwiw I don't actually feel liberated
from anything cos like I'm still living the same
life you know!

Ob fantasy, the best novel I know about life,
death,  addiction and death wishes is Tim Powers'
Last Call, in which Death, personified as the
hero's recently dead wife, puts out a siren call
for him to keep on drinking......... I read this
during the first week of giving up to remind
myself why I was doing it. 


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