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Sun Jul 18 20:15:38 EDT 2004

Kyra wrote (Hi Kyra)

<- -I got Grundo (from The Merlin Conspiracy). At

first, I was puzzled, since
I certainly don't think I'm manipulative. I have 
decided to interpret the
result, after quite a bit of thought, as follows:

even though I'm not
manipulative, I am both selfish and
lazy..............> snip

You know I'm not sure that Grundo is
manipulative, the spoiler he used did manipulate
someone's feelings and actions it's true but I
don't think that makes it a fundamental character
trait. It was more something which meant he
wouldn't have to involve himself much in relating
to other people at all, let alone learn to
manipulate peole in the kind of mundane way that
most of us do to some extent........... I'm think
I am ready for a reread with particular attention
to Grundo!

gonna have to reread soon, grundo isn't generally
manip -- he just did that one thing so he
wouldn't ahve to sod anymore


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