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Ian W. Riddell iwriddell at charter.net
Fri Jul 16 09:12:14 EDT 2004

(On whether or not Remus Lupin is gay)

Well, for my two cents worth. I don't think that Lupin actually IS gay, 
either in the books or the movie (frankly, I don't thing Rowling would 
dare go there). I do think that (1) the secretive, double life that 
Lupin lives is at least parallel to (if not an intentional metaphor 
for) the secretive, double life a gay man would be living in that 
situation and (2) that the director and actors of the movie played the 
part as if he were a gay man in that situation, as they probably have 
no experience with werewolves ;-)

All I know is that watching that final scene with Lupin, my partner and 
I turned to each other and gave each other one of those "aha - we've 
been there" looks.

Just my two cents

In short, if newspapers were written by people whose sole object in 
writing was to tell the truth about politics and the truth about art we 
should not believe in war, and we should believe in art.
Virginia Woolf
Three Guineas

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