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At 01:34 AM 15/07/2004 -0400, Kyra wrote:

Snip lots of interesting results

>Sorry for the lengthy descriptions, but who else can I discuss these neato
>things with ;-)?

I've been meaning to write about my response to the quiz as well, as I was 
away when the initial rush of results came back. Plus I had to re-read some 
books to understand my answers!

I keep getting two answers consistently for myself (when I changed answers 
slightly), Biffa from Crown of Dalemark and Tod from A Sudden Wild Magic. I 
was very suprised with both, neither of these books are in my favourites 
list (although I still love them, my favourites are books I can basically 
read along with) and for some reason I think I expected I would be a 
character from one of my favourites!

I was puzzled by these two characters, as they aren't especially similar! 
But I think they actually are reflective of different (but fundamental) 
parts of my personality. I have a feeling I am another character as well, 
and will try to answer the quiz in another way to see if I can find out who 
it is.

This explains why I've never been able to identify with any one DWJ character!

As someone else commented, how many authors write so many wonderful, 
complex books that you create a quiz like this with? I've never spent so 
long on any quiz, and must say I think it's made me think more carefully 
about my personality than some of those stupid "know yourself" quizes I've 
had to do at school and management things (where it also seems as though 
you're psychopathic if you're outgoing and like spending time alone!)

I hope this all makes sense!


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