Imagine - Unsuitable for Children

Charles Butler hannibal at
Thu Jul 15 07:00:42 EDT 2004


> There's at least one sense in which the Northern Lights trilogy *is*
> more obviously and directly about what it's about. 'Homeward Bounders'
> has these manipulative beings playing god, and implies by omission
> that there aren't any genuine gods, but it doesn't address any
> religion specifically. Pullman, on the other hand, singles out one
> particular religion; his manipulative being is not just playing god,
> but playing one specific God.

Come to think of it, I can't offhand think of *any* DWJ set-up with only a
single god in it, omnipotent or otherwise. It's usually pantheons or nothing
with her, isn't it?

OT, I heard Lisa Jardine describe herself on the radio today (without any
irony) as "a hopeless optimist". As oxymorons go, that's kind of neat!


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