OT: Ika's Cuaron quote

Ika blake at gaudaprime.co.uk
Thu Jul 15 05:29:28 EDT 2004


>> > "He's your favorite gay uncle that does smack"
>> > - Cuaron on Remus Lupin
>> Where on Earth did you get this quote?!
> Phear my leet google skillz!

<snip> (Incidentally, they are indeed very l33t - I couldn't find the
source by googling & had to ask the person who sent it to me)

> What I found interesting, while I was tracking it down, was the number
> of people who thought (or - bearing in mind that many of them were
> 'shippers of various stripes - chose to appear to think) that Cuaron
> meant it literally.

Oh, I do. I mean, not about the smack, but I liked the quote because it's
*always* nice to have someone associated with the 'official' product
recognize that there are gay characters in the Potterverse. (I don't know
if JKR's noticed, of course.)

Love, Ika

"You walk into the room like a camel"
- Truly, Bob Dylan is a great poet.
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