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Thu Jul 15 01:34:24 EDT 2004

Well, I was away on vacation when this quiz came out, and then I took a
while to catch up on e-mail (and, er-hem, take the quiz many, many times
and be inspired to re-read DWJ books), but, since this is precisely the
sort of thing that I easily get obsessed with, I thought I'd send a
general compilation of my own results to the list, for fun.  This is going
to be long, but be glad - I'm really only sending the highlights!

-I got Grundo (from The Merlin Conspiracy). At first, I was puzzled, since
I certainly don't think I'm manipulative. I have decided to interpret the
result, after quite a bit of thought, as follows: even though I'm not
manipulative, I am both selfish and lazy. I do take criticism from other
people hard, but, that said, I don't necessarily show it as much as I feel
it, and I certainly get over it reasonably quickly. As long as we define
things broadly, so that it includes ideas and artistic productions, I do
care far more about things than about people. While I'm probably not
unnaturally unemotional, I don't tend to open displays of emotion, and I
certainly get uncomfortable around other people's displays of emotion, or,
at least, emotion about interpersonal relationships. Finally, characters
that Grundo is associated with, like Grandfather Gwyn and Romanov, tend to
be recluses, living far off and away from society. That definitely
appeals.  Another person, who admittedly barely knows me, also commented
on the links, suggesting that I am proud and quiet, deal with
interpersonal conflict by sliding out from under it (not quite sure how
that applies to Grundo, though, because I don't think I'm manipulative
about it), and think in a way that's unlike most people around me.

-Torquil got Torquil.  Which is really as it should be.

-Navis got Ynen.  Which isn't _quite_ as it should be.  I have to wonder
if Navis is on the quiz at all.  If not, then I suppose it's fitting that
he's Ynen.  But if he is, then perhaps my passionate crush is directed
towards the wrong character?

-Miang from _Xenogears_ got The Bannus.  I think Christian is the only
other person on the list who's ever played the game, but I had to mention
it, anyway, since it's so perfect!  They're basically both computers with
certain human qualities who are bound in some way, and they both work
through illusion.

-Lith'Rian from Dave Duncan's Word series got Gladys from _A Sudden Wild
Magic_.  I'm pleasantly surprised by this one.  Gladys freely admits to
being amoral, and both characters are really rather batty.  And the spirit
monkey-thing is sort of like a baby dragon ;-).

-Spike from _Buffy_ (or, at least, my interpretation of Spike) got Robert
from _Wild Robert_.  I totally approve of this - many DWJ characters rise
up from mounds, which is appropriate for any vampire, but Robert has what
I see as Spike's very tough exterior and deeply damaged, emotional
interior.  My brother got Robert, too, and I can see certain similarities
with both Robert and Spike ;-).

-Kira Sakuya from _Angel Sanctuary_ got Herrel/Mark from _A Sudden Wild
Magic_.  I realize that this is another very obscure character, but,
again, I can't help but give the result when it's so ideal!  They're both
stuck in absolutely untenable situations by a parental figure, and both
react by developing a very nonchalant, inappropriately so, persona.  Both
of them have a second identity that doesn't really have any idea who it
really is, and both of them use this second identity to grow through
loving other people.  And Kira getting used by another character to
totally betray the people he loves is just like Herrel being used by
Marceny to totally betray Rosiel.

-Dave Jones from _College Roomies From Hell!!!_ ( got
Chrestomanci.  Dave might be obscure, but he shouldn't be, because you
should all go read CRFH!!!  The result, however, is wrong.  Dave is
clearly Cat, because, like Cat, he has a life stuck in a cat.

-Vash the Stampede from _Trigun_ is Grundo, like me.  That pleases me,
because, while I do have a tremendous crush on Vash, I also do identify
strongly with my interpretation of him.  And Vash isn't manipulative,
either (although maybe my acquaintance has a point, because he also tends
to avoid interpersonal conflict by sliding out from under it).  It makes
one wonder about Grundo, though.  I identify with Vash because we're both
fairly cheerful and don't outwardly take life very seriously, and because
we both have strong personal codes of honor that we hold to very
passionately even though other people think that they're just silly.  Does
any of this apply to Grundo?

-I also did a lot of my fictional characters.  The two from the family
that I created within an hour of the second time I read _Archer's Goon_
both came up as Archer, which works ;-).  The best result was another
character who came up as Sirius and absolutely.  Is.  Sirius.  They both
are powerful beings trapped in an unfamiliar form without much solid
knowledge of who they really are, why this happened to them, or how to
escape the predicament.  In both cases, the entrapment is partially a
result of their own temperament, partially due to the evil scheming of
others.  And they both have to end up giving up someone they love because
of a larger responsibility to their true powers.  It really pleased me.

-The other thing that I learned from these results was that I really have
to re-read _Tale of Time City_ at some point to get a better picture of
Sam.  I really didn't remember him as being worthy of all the characters,
of my own and other people's creation, that he came up as here.

Sorry for the lengthy descriptions, but who else can I discuss these neato
things with ;-)?


Grattine: What could possibly be more evil than being two people at once?
Two: Genocide.
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