OT: sandman query

Tanaqui Weaver cen at caption.org
Wed Jul 14 02:07:40 EDT 2004

> *ObDWJ: I met someone once who told me that Delirium was based partly on
> DWJ, but I don't know if that's true.

it's not. The original bases for Delirium were Kathy Acker, Tori Amos and
-um - me. Check out Hy Bender's _Sandman Companion_ for all your background
details, and the _Sandman Annotations_ (available online) might also prove
illuminating, since they have comments by Neil alongside every reference
which the oldtime readers of rec.arts.comics could furnish.

DWJ has talked "to the real Delirium" on the phone, though, she told me.
I don't know if she meant one of the other prime sources (this was while
KA was still alive), but she mentioned some of the topics covered <shudder>.

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