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Alison replied to Charlie

<Also, there's much discussion of how the Dorig 
aren't really people,
which is often a facet of justifying 
racially-based murder.  I forget
the exact bits, but I know we also get a glimpse 
of the fact that the
Dorig don't think the Lymen are human either 
because of something they
don't do that the Dorig do.>

This brings to mind the prelude to the genocide
in Rwanda, when Hutu propaganda carried on the
media consistently refered to the Tutsis as
"insects". Horrifying that people could be
manipulated by such a simple device.

<When I thought of racial disagreements, Power of

Three was the first 
that came to mind since the three races know 
little to nothing about
one another and what they do know they've mostly 
embroidered or just
plain made up to justify their actions.>

Yes, I think in Po3 racism, and warfare betweeen
races is a major theme. It is also important in
the Spellcoats -- where the appearance of
Closti's children is the outward sign of the
diffence and presumed racial origin that makes
them scapegoats. The most miserable victim of
scapegoating is Kathleen, the eponymous Dogsbody,
but, although her race*/religion are used as an
excuse for cruelty Duffy would have surely found
some reason to bully her even if they had a
shared background.  

<I agree on this – aggressive racism (snip) is 
almost always paired with 
economic or social factors. If two people want to

live in the same place, or 
one wants to sell the other to the highest 
bidder, racial factors come up as 
an excuse: "They're not like *us*." If it's not a

question of loss of money, 
it can be loss of power or loss of control, but 
"pure" racism is hard to 
find. White people didn't generally start seeing 
black people as subhuman 
until the profits of slave trading had to be kept

safe from pesky morals.>

Very true, in Rwanda there were longstanding
issues involving property and power.

The bit I snipped from Katta's paragraph above

<(i.e. not exotism: "Wow, those people in 
X land are so *uninhibited* and *childlike*!") >

This is what happens with the Chesneyfication of
Derk's world in DLOD, although it's rather more
"those people are so primitive and violent, with

Ika wrote:
>>Drug-taking - okay, can't think of a single 
example there...>

How about Creema di Leema!! All the pleasures of
drugs and alcohol with no violence, melancholia
or puking! I want the recipe! (it's the stuff
they drink on one of the worlds Jamie visits in

Minnow wrote
<I actually find it profoundly disturbing to 
correlate involuntary servitude
with voluntary addiction, which is why I have 
delayed my reply: I didn't
want to over-react.  The British child of ten who

seeks out for example
heroin does generally have the option of not 
doing so: contrary to some
beliefs, a single injection doesn't addict you, 
it is possible to live on a
sink estate and *not* take drugs, and you do need

to be fairly dim not to
notice that heroin is likely to be bad for you.>

But it is such an excellent painkiller, for both
the physical and the emotional stuff. I remember
sitting up in my hospital bed  after breaking my
leg thinking "I'm so happy! Why am I so happy? Oh
it'll be the drugs!" and grinning all over my
face -- despite the distant screaming somewhere
in my skull. As well as distancing me from the
physical pain the opiates were  doing a pretty
good job of keeping me from the misery of knowing
that due to one instant of carelessness I had
condemned myself to lord knew how many days in
hospital and months on crutches ...............
And of course, I wasn't on that dosage for long. 

What is so very tragic is that so many British
children are so unhappy that heroin seems an
acceptable option -- or, for that matter,


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