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>This is getting bizarre! The one I have sounds like your red dragon with the
>standing stones, but it's the 1995 UK paperback.

I've now decided that this was all a plot on the part of Kingfisher, 
designed to be maximally confusing!  The UK '95 pb and the US '94 pb 
seem to have an identical cover picture, though the title is done 
differently.  This is what caused me to believe that the copy I'd 
given away (to Philip, it turns out) had been identical to the copy 
I'd kept.

I'm not convinced that Amazon has all the info exactly correct, as 
they don't show the hardcover at all.  Also both Amazon sites only 
show information referring to the 18 short stories/extracts, though 
there are 19 with the Land of Green Ginger extract.

And, just because I know everyone is *dying* to hear every last 
wrinkle of this, I suppose it might not be surprising that there were 
problems getting permission to print the extract.  I dug out our copy 
of LoGG and it says:

First published as The Tale of the Land of Green Ginger by Arthur Barker, 1937
A rewritten version published in Puffin Books 1966
Reprinted 1970, 1972
This version published in Puffin Books 1975
This version copyright Noel Langley, 1975.

Wonder if Barker did the rewriting for the 1966 version?  I'd so love 
to see the 1937 book!


>Good luck!
>>  From: "Hallie O'Donovan" <hallieod at>
>Unfortunately, they *all* seem to be Kingfishers.
>>  I think the one you have must be the one I gave away, and somehow
>>  I've managed to acquire and keep a US copy - 1994.
>>  shows two editions, both of which are said to be paperbacks: the 1995
>>  cover is closer to the one I have, and has a red dragon across a
>>  green background - a river, some castle-like buildings, and a ring of
>>  standing stones.  The other, which Amazon says is 1994, has a more
>>  orange dragon with its wings spread and a spotted tail curled around
>>  a rocky peak.  Odd that it was reprinted so soon, if there was
>>  actually a 1994 paperback.
>>  Hallie.
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