We have lift-off.

Ven vendersleighc at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 7 21:59:40 EDT 2004

Minnow whispered

(In any case, I think she has just started 
working on something new, now
that the immediate hayfever season isn't making 
her head fill up with
porridge instead of ideas, and I don't want to 
distract her.)

Ven jumps up and down and shouts "Yay!".

<Hmm. I was just about to ask for this list when
read this. I unnderstand
your reasoning - yes, it would spoil part of it. 
But - (you knew there would
be a but, didn't you?) couldn't you tell us some 
time later? I'd love to
know who is around. Of course, we get glimpses as

people tell us what they
are or what they found out, but I'm still 

Remember, Charlie told us that when he was
testing the quiz he tried to "break" it by
ticking every box and got about 40 characters as
the result. I checked all the boxes in every
other question and got about 70 of them, I left
it there so I would have some surprises left. A
few variations on this will probably net the lot.

Recent results for me from the quiz: I tried for
Maree and got Shona, among other things,
unticking the finding love option from the happy
ending question got me Maree -- I suspect Rupert
does tick the "love" box. My Nan Pilgrim turned
out to be Kathleen. Cat was Cat, but for all my
repeated attempts to find Christopher Chant he
kept being Chrestomanci, except when he was Cat
and I gave up.


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