dwj-digest (Diana Wynne Jones) V1 #854

wwwaif.net operation spam-begone kady at wwwaif.net
Wed Jul 7 10:53:42 EDT 2004

If you are reading this message, it means you are either a spammer who is trying to sell free pen1s mortgage refinancings to kady at wwwaif.net, or you are a human being. 

If you are the former, my only suggestion is that you repent for your sins by voluntarily giving up your path of pure evil, and donating all illgotten gains to a deserving charity. 

If you are the latter, please redirect your email to kadyhatesspam at wwwaif.net, where it will be greeted with unqualified glee and delight. 

It is, indeed, a sad world in which a correspondent must jump through such hoops in order to make him or herself heard, but these are, indeed, disturbing times. At least it will give us something to talk about when you finally make it through the auto responder fortress, right? 

The Spam Victim Formerly Known as kady at wwwaif.net

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