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On Mon, 5 Jul 2004, Allison Marles wrote:
|Has anyone heard of the collection "Fantasy Stories" ?
|What  is included in it ?

from :

"The Peasant and the Devil", The Brothers Grimm
"Boris Chernevsky's Hands", Jane Yolen
"The Hobgoblin's Hat", Tove Jansson
"Ully the Piper", Andre Norton
"Milo Conducts the Dawn", Norton Juster
"Who Goes Down this Dark Road?", Joan Aiken
"The House of Harfang", C. S. Lewis
"Martha in the Witch's Power", K. M. Briggs
"Prince Delightful and the Flameless Dragon", Isaac Asimov
"The Box of Delights", John Masefield
"The Amazing Flight of the Gump", L. Frank Baum
"On the Great Wall", Rudyard Kipling
"The Waking of the Kraken", Eva Ibbotson
"The Caves in the Hills", Elizabeth Goudge
"Bigger than the Baker's Boy", E. Nesbit
"Jermain and the Sorceress", Patricia C. Wrede
"Una and the Red Cross Knight", Andrew Lang
"What the Cat Told Me", Diana Wynne Jones

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