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Mon Jul 5 16:07:45 EDT 2004

Hallie wrote about 'Fantasy Stories' edited by DWJ for Kingfisher:

>The collection of stories chosen by DWJ is the one I recently
>discovered either does or does not contain the extract from "The Land
>of Green Ginger", depending on edition - though specifics of the
>edition which *do* contain it still elude me!

I may be able to help slightly about what went on there: this is what DWJ
thinks happened, anyhow.

DWJ chose the stories she wanted to include, did her bits of text to go
with them, and sent them off; then Kingfisher tried to get permission from
all the various holders of the copyrights for them to print extracts as
chosen by DWJ.

The holders of the copyright on Langley's work didn't want to release it,
or at anyrate dragged their heels.  So the book was published without the
extract from *The Land of Green Ginger*, to DWJ's sorrow.

Presumably at some later date the permission was forthcoming, though nobody
bothered to tell DWJ that this had happened.

So it is in the later edition(?s), isn't in the first.

Nothing to do with being PC, anyhow.


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