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>Has anyone heard of the collection "Fantasy Stories" ?
>What  is included in it ?

Until Deborah mentioned the Random House 'Fantasy Stories' here a few 
days ago, I'd have assumed you were talking about the collection DWJ 
edited for Kingfisher - wasn't aware of the other until then. 
There's a list of the stories in the Random House collection here:  That was edited by Mike 

The collection of stories chosen by DWJ is the one I recently 
discovered either does or does not contain the extract from "The Land 
of Green Ginger", depending on edition - though specifics of the 
edition which *do* contain it still elude me!

The contents of the DWJ-chosen collection:

-The Peasant and the Devil, the Brothers Grimm
-Boris Chernevsky's Hands, Jane Yolen
-The Hobgoblin's Hat, Tove Jansson (from Finn Family Moomintroll)
-Ully the Piper, Andre Norton
-Milo Conducts the Dawn, Norton Juster (from The Phantom Tollbooth)
-Who Goes Down This Dark Road, Joan Aiken
-The House of Harfang, C.S. Lewis (from The Silver Chair)
-Martha in the Witch's Power, K.M. Briggs (from Hobberdy Dick)
-Prince Delightful and the Flameless Dragon, Issac Asimov
-The Box of Delights, an extract, John Masefield
-The Amazing Flight of the Gump, L. Frank Baum (from The Land of Oz)
-On the Great Wall, Rudyard Kipling (from Puck of Pook's Hill)
-The Waking of the Kraken, Eva Ibbotson (from Which Witch?)
-The Caves in the Hills, Elizabeth Goudge (from Henrietta's House)
-Bigger Than the Baker's Boy, E. Nesbit (from Five Children and It)
-Jermain and the Sorceress, Patricia C. Wrede (from The Seven Towers)
-Una and the Red Cross Knight, Andrew Lang, (from The Red Book Romance)
-What the Cat Told Me, DWJ

And of course, if you've the 'right' edition, there's the extract 
from _The Land of Green Ginger_, by Noel Langley.


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