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Sat Jul 3 14:23:59 EDT 2004

 Minnow wrote:
> There's a reason for the writing-up-of-a-short-paragraph-on-each not being
> a co-operative effort: the other thing lacking from this quiz, and it is a
> deliberate omission, is a list of which 101 characters DWJ chose to answer
> for.  We decided that it would spoil it if that were given, by making
> everything a bit too obvious. 

Hmm. I was just about to ask for this list when I read this. I unnderstand
your reasoning - yes, it would spoil part of it. But - (you knew there would
be a but, didn't you?) couldn't you tell us some time later? I'd love to
know who is around. Of course, we get glimpses as people tell us what they
are or what they found out, but I'm still curious.

Concerning the character-summaries, I think that would be very diffcult: we
love DWJ because her characters can't be summed up easily. (One paragraph
wouldn't /couldn't keep me from reading Crowm of Dalemark now, btw) But in
some cases you just don't remember the character although you know the book,
not Howl or Christopher Chant, but maybe Tarcoy or Lukin. In this case, a
simple sentence would be enough. (But maybe contain too mamy spoilers
anyway). We're lucky, we can ask the list. ;-)

Thanks again!


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