We have lift-off.

minnow at belfry.org.uk minnow at belfry.org.uk
Fri Jul 2 19:11:44 EDT 2004

>Ven wrote:
>> This is more than a quiz, you know, it's a
>> powerful literary engine for the understanding of
>> the works of Diana Wynne Jones as well as any
>> number of other books/characters!

and Ika wrote:

>And the understanding of yourself: this is the first quiz I've ever done
>that surprised me and was completely right and made new connections fire
>up in my head, all at the same time, so yayy to DWJ and Minnow and Roger
>(that sounds like some pretty serious coding)...

I am so very glad that people are enjoying this quiz and finding it
thought-provoking and fun too.  DWJ is delighted: she asks me to thank you
all for doing it and telling her about it (via printouts -- I do hope
nobody minds!) and sharing her pleasure.

I'm having a terrible time not saying too much when people are speculating
about why they got who they got; I sort-of know all the answers because of
having typed them in, and I mustn't let on.  Another drawback for me is
that I can never "try to be" any of the characters because I wouldn't be
able to help cheating by accident, and so I shall never discover how well
or badly I really know the characters.  :-(

For what it's worth, when I made an effort to forget all I had typed and
tried to answer just for myself (sending my answers by email to someone
with web), I came out as Romanov; but even then, when I was about halfway
through I found I was thinking, "I bet I end up as Romanov on these

oh well.  I shall just have to enjoy vicariously, however that's spelt.


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