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Fri Jul 2 19:11:39 EDT 2004

Gili wrote:
>>Since several of us have had these kinds of reactions, I think the
>>conclusion is that something is lacking from the quiz: a sentence or short
>>paragraph describing the character at the end. Perhaps we could write them
>>up and have Roger add them (if DWJ approves)?

and Elise replied
>I'm on the fence about this idea, because I think it's a good thing to have
>the quiz send one back to the books.  Also, the way the quiz raises
>questions and draws in the fan - makes for re-reading in a new light, as Ika

Sum up for instance Howl in a single sentence?  I'm not sure I could, or
not helpfully and without giving away too much.  Even a single short
paragraph would be difficult.

"The wizard in *Howl's Moving Castle*" is accurate and almost what one is
already told by "Howl in *Howl's Moving Castle*", and anything more complex
than that would need to have the warning "spoiler" added, I'd've thought.

There's a reason for the writing-up-of-a-short-paragraph-on-each not being
a co-operative effort: the other thing lacking from this quiz, and it is a
deliberate omission, is a list of which 101 characters DWJ chose to answer
for.  We decided that it would spoil it if that were given, by making
everything a bit too obvious.  So the summaries would have to be done by
DWJ too, and I think she might go on strike and say, "Oh, go and read the
book, I put it all in there!"

(In any case, I think she has just started working on something new, now
that the immediate hayfever season isn't making her head fill up with
porridge instead of ideas, and I don't want to distract her.)

Elise also asked
>Would a set of descriptions be a sop to curiosity and stop people going back
>to the books and exploring those questions and connections? Or not?

Here, it might not be, because the chances are most people here have read
most if not all of DWJ's work that they can lay hands on and it would be a
matter of recognition rather than explanation; but I understand that the
url has been posted in other places, such as rasff, and maybe someone there
who doesn't happen to know the book "their" character comes from will get
drawn in to reading that one, and then another, and get hooked.  I have to
admit that wasn't a motive for doing the quiz, because it hadn't occurred
to me for a moment that it might happen, but it might be a reason to keep
quiet and say "go read it if you want to find out".  <evil grin>

I am feeling pinkly pleased about how kind you've all been about this quiz.
Thank you very much.


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