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Ika blake at gaudaprime.co.uk
Fri Jul 2 14:32:37 EDT 2004

Ven wrote:

> This is more than a quiz, you know, it's a
> powerful literary engine for the understanding of
> the works of Diana Wynne Jones as well as any
> number of other books/characters!

And the understanding of yourself: this is the first quiz I've ever done
that surprised me and was completely right and made new connections fire
up in my head, all at the same time, so yayy to DWJ and Minnow and Roger
(that sounds like some pretty serious coding)...

... anyway, I got Lukin from Year of the Griffin. I have no memory for
names, and was cross not to get one of the boys I was hoping for, so my
first reaction was to shout "Who the BLANKETY-BLUE is Lukin from Year of
the Griffin???" and burst into the bathroom (where my [slightly
taken-aback] girlfriend* was getting out of the shower) to find my copy.

Whereupon I discovered that Lukin is the one who runs away from home to
study, leaving a simulacrum of himself in his place to fulfil his familial
duties - which is *exactly* the image that I've used for my place in my
family since I was a tiny sixth-former. (I came up with it for myself,
then found a much better version of the same thing in a short story called
"The Clockwork Princess" - but I'd never seen the DWJ connection before.)

Also, Lukin is the one who wrote the essay about how magic should be
untrammeled and fun, and I get particularly gleeful and flushed and
passionate when I get to do some cultural-theory stuff that breaks
disciplinary rules.

So I was very pleased and happy about that.

Love, Ika

*My girlfriend got Benvenuto, which was mostly very pleasing ("Benvenuto
looks after people in a *good* way!") and only slightly confusing ("But
Benvenuto is a butch!"). It made me wonder about what sort of relationship
Lukin and Benvenuto had.

Oh, and we confessed to each other afterwards that we were both secretly
hoping to get Howl. I don't know what that might signify, but I'm hoping
that we never get a cold at the same time...

"He's your favorite gay uncle that does smack"
- Cuaron on Remus Lupin

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