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On Thu, 1 Jul 2004, Allison Marles wrote:

> Let me check that I have this right, I already have "Mixed Magics" and
> "Minor Arcana", so if I get "Stopping for a Spell" and "Unexpected
> Magic", then I will have everything except for the essay ?


> My reasoning from the below suggests that Unexpected Magic has an awful
> lot of stories, since it must cover all of Minor Arcana, Everard's Ride,
> Believing is Seeing, and Warlock at the Wheel (except for what is in
> Mixed Magics and The True State of Affairs)  But maybe that is fewer
> stories than I think.

Unexpected Magic has sixteen stories, one of which is a novella (Everard's
Ride). Three of them (The Girl Jones, The Green Stone, and The Fat Wizard)
weren't published before in the US, I think. And Little Dot was first
published in Firebirds, which is a fabulous collection of short stories by
nifty authors, but only one of them is DWJ.

> I do not think I have read this "Enna Hittims", but I immediately notice
> that it looks strangely like "Anne Smith" phonetically backwards.  I
> wonder what the significance of that is ? Does it come up in the story ?

The significance is that the main character is named Anne Smith, and it is
indeed explained.

Do other people have the same kind of nasty suspicious mind I do, and try
to read everything backwards if it looks kind of weird, and therefore were
not surprised at all about the uses of a certain object in the first Harry
Potter book?

If all else fails, immortality can always be assured
by spectacular error.
       --John Kenneth Galbraith
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