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Elizabeth Evans er.evans at auckland.ac.nz
Thu Jul 1 16:30:22 EDT 2004

Gili said:

My mistake. It's "A Plague of Peacocks", a short story that's in several of
her collections, including "Warlock at the Wheel".
Thanks for clearing that up, Gili.
I'm becoming aware of the number of DWJ short stories I haven't read. I know
that a number of them are in two or more anthologies, but I am getting the
impression that I will still have to own all the anthologies in order to
have all the stories, as each anthology contains at least one story that is
unique to that anthology. Is this right?

Earlier, Gili said:
The character in a DWJ book I've most identified with up to now was the
mother in "A Pride of Peacocks", the one who washes the dishes while
rereading "Mill on the Floss". I can't explain why I felt an instant
affinity to her. I doubt she's one of the possibilities in the quiz. Now I
have to go back and reread the story and do the quiz again as her to find
out if she's Heather too.

Is this a DWJ book I haven't read? I looked the title up in the national
bibliographic database but could only come up with one written by Jeanne
Whitmee, <snip>
This doesn't sound like the DWJ we know and love. Is there another book of
the same title?


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